The development in Hayden Canyon is moving forward with only a couple concerns from the community. These concerns were covered in the meeting and briefly highlighted from the video.

Concern 1: Impact of water runoff.

Stafford Land Company has reviewed these issues with an impact study in Hayden Canyon. These were considered and reviewed by civil engineers which has designed the water to both contained and discharged into the canyon to allow it to infiltrate into the canyon. A more detailed plan in managing water flow by the civil engineering team but overall. The intent is to keep the water on site.

Concern 2: Impact on growth in the community

The city is extremely proactive in planning for the future. The impact fees of the development allow for the civil projects to continue. Stafford Development builds infrastructure according to city standards and hands off the finished project for management. The city has been forward thinking by updating sewer masterplan, parks masterplan, and transportation masterplan.

Our hope and plan is to develop a place for people to go and a desirable place to live, eat, and play.