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Baker Creek subdivision is a 138-acre Mixed Use Master Plan project located in McMinnville, Oregon.  102 acres of the plat are within the city limits and the balance are to remain farm land, wetlands and open space to benefit the property and its residents. With an anticipated 449 total single family residential lots (of which 208 already approved), plus over 175 multi-family units, and approximately 4 acres of commercial property making up the entire mixed use plat.   The project is situated at the corner of Baker Creek and Hill Roads.  The City of McMinnville has completed a project to widen and improve Hill Rd. at no cost to the development.  These city-initiated improvements represent a significant savings making it so that the plats have zero required off-site improvements.

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    Baker Creek North is well organized with mixed lot sizes for various home types from single-family dwelling to multifamily units. See how we layout a community.

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